Ann M. Evans Design and Consulting

On my website you will find information about my recipesarticles/books, consulting workartwork and illustrations available as notecards to purchase or for single use in the design of personal and commercial communication. My artwork is mostly illustrations from my garden. I design notecards because I believe in the hand written word, a lost art in today’s electronic age. If you eat seasonally, you’ll want a wardrobe of seasonal stationary.

Lately, there has been a lot of interest in the changes in food that took place in the 1970’s with co-ops and farmers markets. Here is my tale of the history of the Davis Farmers Market, Introduction to the Davis Farmers Market Cookbook,  a cookbook which I coauthored with Georgeanne Brennan. I’ve decided the time has come to write a history of the Davis Food Co-op, contextualized within the California Food Movement of the 1970’s. I cofounded the store at the same time as the Davis Farmers Market, and served in the Jerry Brown 1 administration which participated in many of the changes that provided for the growth in farmers markets we have in California today. Stay tuned. I begin in 2016.