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On my website you’ll find information about my recipesarticles/books, consulting work, and illustrations available as notecards or for single use in the design of personal and commercial communication. My illustrations are mostly from my garden. I design notecards because I believe in the hand written word, a lost art in today’s electronic age and because if you eat seasonally, you’ll want wardrobe seasonal stationary.


PastedGraphic-7Marmalade with Three Kinds of Citrus is one of my specialities. I make it with my navel oranges, lemons and a neighbor’s grapefruits in February, and then store it in my glass pantry throughout the year, occasionally using it as a hostess gift. My English husband and brother-in-law love it. This is a real marmalade lovers’ marmalade, a little bitter with lots of peel.

AE.lemons.image.ScannedPreserved Lemons is a favorite winter recipe. To the right is my drawing of the Eureka lemons in my garden. The lemons are ripe now, any varietal will work. Use them with roast chicken and various Middle Eastern dishes. You can also find this under Recipes on my website. There you’ll also find recipes for preserving by the season, and making festive dishes.

Lately, there’s been interest in the changes took place in food in the 1970’s with co-ops and farmers markets. Here’s my tale of the history of the Davis Farmers Market, Introduction to the Davis Farmers Market Cookbook,  a cookbook which I coauthored with Georgeanne Brennan. I’ve decided the time has come to write a history of the Davis Food Co-op, contextualized within the California Food Movement of the 1970’s. I cofounded the store at the same time as the Davis Farmers Market, and served in the Jerry Brown 1 administration which participated in many of the changes that provided for the growth in certified farmers markets we have in California today. Stay tuned. I begin in 2016.


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