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  1. Dear Ann,

    On behalf of the team that visited the Farm to School program yesterday from Northside Elementary School, I would like to thank you for sharing how you made the concept of excellent nutrition for students a priority within the Davis school’s.

    We left with a renewed spirit to continue our efforts to promote a similar initiative in our District.

    The community of Davis can be proud of the many committed citizens!
    Again, thank you for helping show us the path!


    Bill Jensen

    • I’m so grateful to hear from you. Thanks for visiting the program, so many have helped to build it over the years. The district has been very supportive, and continues to be active. I’m devoting the net proceeds from my new book, Davis Farmers Market Cookbook, to the Davis Farmers Market Alliance programming in the schools, Davis Farm to School. The program continues to need funding and always new vision and volunteers. Thanks for your interest.

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