Preserved Lemons – Meyer
© Ann M. Evans
Winter – Spring

In early Spring my Meyer lemon tree is loaded with fruit and I’m looking for ways to preserve it. Middle Eastern recipes for preserved lemons call for Meyer lemons, which are a cross between a lemon and a tangerine or orange tree and have a thinner skin. Use with roast chicken or Middle Eastern dishes.

8-10 Meyer lemons, whole and washed
½ – ¾ cup Kosher salt
3 fresh or dry bay leaves
10-12 Meyer lemons, juiced

Cut ends of each lemon. Cut an incision in each lemon so that it is almost in quarters, about ¾ the way down so that the lemon is still in tack. Rub salt in each incision. Place about 3-4 lemons in a wide-mouth, sterile quart jar with lid. Add 1 bay leaf per jar.

Fill each jar with lemon juice so that the lemons are completely covered. Push down on lemons if the juice does not cover. Put tops on jars. Store in refrigerator for several weeks prior to using. After opening, taste to see if the lemons are too salty, if so, rinse in water prior to serving. Will last in refrigerator up to one year. Makes 3 quarts.